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About Me

Nick Hardy is a miniature model maker and 3D installation artist based in Manchester in the North West of England. Nick’s work centres on his lifelong fascination for the world of miniature objects and spaces where his reconstructed micro scenarios attempt to transport the viewer to a virtual, ‘other world’.

Contradictions of scale also influence how the work is perceived and encourage the viewer to question whether the space is a real space or a reconstructed one. These simulations of space, incorporating a variety of viewing interfaces challenge issues of time, absence, spirituality and claustrophobia.

Architectural structurers and natural occurring environments incorporating perspective and distance are key inspirations in relation to this work.

‘’Where once the aesthetic model was the central focus of my practice, the model has now become the container for my for my conceptual thoughts and ideas. It is intended, that through contemplation and interaction, the viewer brings their own interpretation of the work to the reconstructed space. Consequently therefore, the work also aims to become personal to that individual.’’

Nick Hardy